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Virgil Murder


Les poètes latins

  • Applied philology
  • Posted : 2011-07-04 17:47:34 By Michael J. Taylor
  • In 1944 the late Patrick Leigh Fermor was on Crete with the mission of capturing the German officer Kriepe. This item comes the Wikipedia site: 'The route took them over Mount Ida, in Greek mythology the birthplace of Zeus, where Kriepe is said to have recited the first line of Horace's "ode Ad Thaliarchum" (in Latin) on seeing the white peak: "Vides ut alta stet nive candidum Soracte" (You see how high he stands snow white [Mount] Soracte) at which point Fermor, a keen reader of Horace, recited the rest of the poem. Fermor later recounted that each had realised they had "drunk at the same fountains" of learning.' Fermor said that this established a certain bond between them, and made the kidnapping an easier task. - mjt
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