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Virgil Murder



« In his fifty-second year, Virgil decided to retire to Greece and Asia [Minor], in order to pass the finishing touches on the Aeneid. He meant to do nothing but revise for three straight years, so that the remainder of his life would be free for philosophy. But while he was making his way to Athens, he met up with Augustus, who was returning to Rome from the East. He decided not to retire, and to turn back immediately. While he was getting to know the nearby town of Megara, he took sick under the blazing sun. His journey was suspended, but to no avail, so that when he put ashore at Brindisi somewhat later, his condition was more serious. He passed away there, after a few days, on 21 september [19 BC]... »

(Aelius Donatus, Vergilii Vita, transl. by D. Wilson-Okamura).


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Sin autem doctus illis occurrit labor

Sinistra quos in lucem natura extulit

Nec quicquam possunt nisi meliores carpere,

Fatale exitium corde durato feram,

Donec Fortunam criminis pudeat sui.