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Virgil Murder




As it is known, the Emperor Augustus exchanged an abundant correspondence with Virgil. Of all these letters there is unfortunately nothing left except a short excerpt of a response from Virgil, which has been preserved through Macrobius. A valuable document, but which has perhaps not yet yielded all its secrets.
Today online: Virgil challenges Augustus. A new blow to the legend of a cloudless friendship between the author of the Aeneid and his imperial "protector".


The note entitled Slight Rectifications to Jeux de Masques has just been updated to take account of the article Propertius about Actium published two days ago.



Today online, Propertius about Actium, or how to reconcile the seemingly contradictory judgments brought by the poet about the glorious (or not so glorious) victory won at Actium by Caesar Octavian (later Augustus) in 31 BC on the joint fleets of Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Happy new year to each of you!



Let’s celebrate today the 2075th anniversary of Horace’s birth. It is an occasion to re-read, with a critical mind, the short biography that Suetonius has devoted to him:



2011. 11.27

Today online, as a tribute to Horace for the 2018th anniversary of his death,

Horace purified (Sat. 1.2.114-19; 1.5.82-85)?

Have a good reading!



Today is the 2080th anniversary of Virgil’s birthday.

Maist reverend Virgil, of latine poetis prince,
Gem of ingyne, and flude of eloquence,
Thou peirles peirle, patron of poetry,
Rois, register, palme, laurere, and glory,
Chosin charbukill, chief floure and Cedir tre,
Lanterne, lade sterne, myrour, and a per se
Maister of maisteris, swete sours and springand well,
Wide quhare ouer all ringis thyne heuinly bell.

                     Gavin Douglas, Preface to the Aeneid.


23.09.2011 :

C’est le 23 septembre -63 que naquit l’empereur Auguste, ad Capita Bubula (« aux Têtes de Bœufs »), sur le Palatin : Suét., Aug. 5, 1. A cette occasion, rendons à César ce qui appartient à César. Aujourd’hui en ligne.



Today is the 2029th anniversary of Virgil’s death:

Debita sparges lacrima fauillam

Vatis amici.



Would you imagine any relation between plate tectonics and the Odes of Horace? See http://www.reed.edu/reed_magazine/articles/adventures/horace.html

I warmly thank Professor Mike Taylor.



Nec iam fama mali tanti... (Aen. X, 510)..But what is this terrible plague ravaging Latium? Has it/he a name? To find out, read Mali Tanti, online today, now in French, soon in English. Your feedback is welcome. As a reminder, registering on the Member Space is free and commits to nothing: it's just a sign of encouragement, but very precious.



The virulence of the attacks made by Catullus against Julius Caesar has been widely underestimated. Get an idea on the subject, by going through the brief study I propose today under the title "César, Pompée, Mamurra... et César (Cat. 29, 54, 57, 112, 113)". Have a joyful reading!